When working on miniatures and various projects which involve working with small parts and materials, having the right tweezers is essential. Our human hands are capable of grasping and holding all kinds of things, however there are some things that we cannot handle with just our hands. Ninesteps Industries understands the frustration of scale modeling without the proper tools, so we have designed the perfect set of tweezers for grabbing those tiny things that we cannot hold with our bare hands. NINESTEPS Tweezers are, without a doubt, the right tweezers for any of your grasping jobs. How can we say so? Let us find out.


  1. The Importance of Having The Right Tools
  2. Why Ninesteps Tweezers are Right for the Job
  3. In Conclusion

The Importance of Having The Right Tools

When getting into the world of scale modeling, you will soon realize how handy some tools actually are. It is common knowledge that tools are useful, they help with our everyday lives, and all that but the gravity of these statements, in our opinion, can be truly felt when getting into hobby modeling.

Why, you ask? Well, tools are the unsung heroes behind beautifully painted miniatures, well-made figurines, and sharply cut model bodies. It is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve jaw-dropping results without entrusting some of the tasks to tools; the results and outcomes of projects are affected by the quality of your work and the materials you used in making them.

That is why tools are so important, and having the best ones on hand is a MUST if it is within your means. You might think, Is this blog not about tweezers? Yes, it is, but at the same time, it is beyond that. Having the right tools is like having the appropriate suit of armor and weapons for a battle; they will help you tackle all the challenges and mishaps that you might encounter during your model-building process.

And with all that said, we can confidently say that the NINESTEPS Tweezers are right for the job. And here is why:

Why Ninesteps Tweezers are Right for the Job

Tweezers are an essential hobby tool, especially when things get tiny! Our tweezers come in many varieties to suit a multitude of jobs. No matter what niche you are into, there is a tweezer that's right for you! The NINESTEPS Industries Tweezers come in three different styles: Flat, Sharp, and Angled.

Each tweezer is constructed from 304 Stainless steel, which provides a lifetime of high corrosion resistance that is superior to regular steel that reacts to the products hobbyists use. The tweezers also feature a media-blasted matte finish that offers a non-slip grip (if you have clammy or sweaty hands) as well as a sleek modern look.

NINESTEPS XL Flat Tip Stainless Steel Tweezer

Introducing the Ninesteps XL Flat Tip Tweezers. These are the perfect tweezers for handling flat parts without the fear of losing them to the carpet monster. The flat, shovel-like tip and matte finish provide good ergonomics for hours of use at the bench. These are for those pieces that are too small for our hands but too big for the average tweezer that you have—this is your buddy for those types of tasks!

Get the NINESTEPS XL Flat Tip Stainless Steel Tweezer here

NINESTEPS Fine Tip Stainless Steel Tweezer

Introducing the Ninesteps Fine Tip Tweezers. These tweezers are bead-blasted to a non-slip matte finish if you have trouble gripping things. These sharp, fine-tipped tweezers are perfect for handling those teeny, tiny parts without the fear of losing them. The Sharp Point tweezers are your go-to when trying to handle the smallest and most delicate of objects, such as small model parts, threads, and wires.

Get the NINESTEPS Fine Tip Stainless Steel Tweezer here

NINESTEPS Angled Fine Tip Stainless Steel Tweezer

Introducing the Ninesteps Angled Tip Tweezers. These sharp, angled tip tweezers are perfect for getting into tiny crevices and small cracks while handling teeny, tiny parts that are too small for our clammy human hands. Similar to our sharp-pointed design, the angled design provides just that little more dexterity, allowing access to tighter areas and around corners.

Get the NINESTEPS Angled Fine Tip Stainless Steel Tweezer here

Hobbies! Hobbies! Hobbies!

At Ninesteps Industries, we take great pride in making our products with high-quality materials that will perform beautifully at any task. Every single one of our products is carefully crafted and designed by a hobbyist for a hobbyist. Aside from tweezers, we have collections of various other products that will help your every modeling or hobby needs!

Whether you are a beginner just getting started or an experienced hobbyist looking for the latest innovations, NINESTEPS Industries has something for everyone. So if you share our passion for hobbies and want reliable tools at reasonable prices, look no further than NINESTEPS Industries!

In Conclusion

In the end, everything will be up to your preference; however, at NINESTEPS Industries we guarantee the quality of every tool we put out, so we can confidently declare that each and every one is the perfect choice for any modeling job that you have. When you are equipped with the proper and quality tools, tackling a project will be much easier with less blood, sweat, and tears shed.

Tweezers might be seemingly simple tools, but having a specialized one that is fit for the job you are going to use it for will make a world of difference, even if it might not seem like it. If you are still not convinced, why not give one of the tweezers a try? Making do with the simple tweezers that you have at home might save you a buck, but having a good one will save you some time, and that will definitely be worth it.

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