Painting Clips & Holding Base

The collection of Ninesteps paint clips are perfect for modellers who want to paint or airbrush small model parts. Our paint clips and holding base provide a much needed helping hand by holding parts securely in place while also keeping your hands and surfaces clean.

Essential Paint Clips

The perfect helping hand for your painting needs! The NINESTEPS Essential Paint Clips are the best tools for keeping model parts in place while you work on them.

Premium Soft Grip Painting Clip

Keep your model-pieces in place while painting with the Ninesteps Premium Paint Clips! These helpful clips have an added rubber-coated tip. Making them the perfect tool for holding items without damaging what you’re working on.

Holding Base for Painting Clips

The Ninesteps Holding Base is a necessity when it comes to holding your Paint Clips. It is ideal for all modellers who need to paint or airbrush small model parts.