NINESTEPS XL Flat Tip Stainless Steel Tweezer



Introducing the Ninesteps XL Flat Tip Tweezers. These tweezers are made from 304 stainless steel and bead blasted to a non-slip matte finish, these XL Flat Tip Tweezers are perfect for handling flat parts without the fear of losing them to the carpet monster.

The flat, shovel-like tip and matte finish supplies good ergonomics for hours of use at the bench.

These tweezers are perfect for decals and stickers. They are also non-magnetic and anti-corrosive, so they can withstand almost anything!

In the Ninsteps range of tweezers, you will also find; the Angled Tip Tweezer (NSTL006) and the Fine Tip Tweezer (NSTL007).

Our XL Flat tweezer features unique flat or 'shovel' ends, perfect for holding flat items such as sheet or card, as well as for waterslide decal application. Watch this demonstration to find out more!