NINESTEPS Airbrush Cleaning Pot with Holder



NINESTEPS Airbrush Cleaning Pot with Holder

  • integrated airbrush holder
  • stabilising leg
  • solid glass construction
  • integrated air filer
  • rubber entry hold to protect the airbrush


The filter included is washable. Based on use we advise to wash it every few weeks by cleaning with mild dish detergent and water. Allow to drip dry before placing back into the cap and using.

The glass pot can be washed/cleaned with paint thinner.

The plastic cap can be cleaned with paint thinners by gently rubbing the surface. Some solvent thinners are very strong and may damage the plastic. Please test in an inconspicuous area before using strong cleaning fluids.

Use a sheet of crumpled kitchen paper inside the pot to reduce the amount of paint vapor escaping from the filter. The kitchen paper also absorbs much of the cleaning fluid making cleaning the pot easier.