NINESTEPS Classic Airbrush

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Our Classic airbrush features a standard 0.3mm nozzle and a needle limit stop. It's the perfect beginners' airbrush or a no-frills airbrush for the casual user.

How to paint:

  1. Prepare the paint.
    Not all paint is airbrush-ready straight out of the jar. To spray properly, either use airbrush-specific paints such as Vallejo model air, SMS or MRP. To make other paints airbrush ready, generally, paint must be the consistency of milk. **Please refer to your paint manufacturers' literature for more specific information

  2. Pour paint into the paint cup - do not overfill!

  3. Turn the compressor on.
    For most hobby use, air pressure of between 15-25 psi will suffice. Set the air pressure according to your needs or as per your paint manufacturers’ recommendation.

  4. Operating the airbrush.
    The spraying pattern of your airbrush is dictated by the amount of air, amount of paint, and the distance the nozzle is from the workpiece.

    Your airbrush is a 'double-action' airbrush. What this means is that depressing the lever controls the amount of air, and pulling back on the lever controls the amount of paint.

    The distance the airbrush is from the workpiece also dictates the spraying pattern.

 To finish your airbrushing session:

  1. Make sure your paint cup is empty and clean. never leave paint in the paint cup.
  2. Depress the trigger on the airbrush so only air is coming out.
  3. Holding down the trigger, turn the compressor off.
  4. Release the trigger.

We hope your airbrush serves you well for many years to come! However, don't forget a clean airbrush is a happy airbrush, so always keep it clean and keep it well maintained. Never leave paint in your airbrush as dried paint will clog your nozzle and possibly damage it, Although the nozzle is made from high quality materials, it is still small and delicate. If you're a duffer and you damage the nozzle by cross threading, over-tightening, dropping the air brush, or forcing the needle into the nozzle, it will not be covered under warranty.  Things that move generally experience wear and tear, and your airbrush is no exception. If you use it, eventually it will wear out and this of course is also not covered under warranty. A full complement of spares is carried by us here at Ninesteps and are available through your local affiliate.

Thank you for choosing Ninesteps Industries to be your partner in paint!