NINESTEPS Sanding Blocks Firm Type



Our Ninesteps sanding blocks have a firm, foam core and are double sided with high-quality grit. The grit on our Ninesteps sanding blocks is also usable when it's wet, so you can even dip the block into water to get a finer sanding effect.

The Ninesteps sanding blocks are flexible and can be cut easily into a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on your desired needs. The centre portion of the foam can also be cut, which allows for flexibility in those hard to reach places.

The Ninesteps sanding blocks come in a 3 pack with six different grits included in the package. All 3 of our sanding blocks are clearly labelled with the grit type. Starting from our most coarse grit (240) through to the polishing grit (1200).

240 is the best grit for removing large amounts of material without leaving behind too many scratches, you’d then gradually work through to 400 and 600 before getting to our finest 1200 grit.

These Sanding blocks can be used wet or dry on most hobby-grade materials such as PS/ABS, balsa, softwoods, as well as soft metals such as brass or aluminium. The foam can be cut with a sharp knife in a myriad of ways to assist with all your sanding needs.


  • The pack includes the most used sanding grits of 240, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 on 3 blocks.
  • These blocks have an EVA foam core
  • Grain - Aluminium oxide with Zirconia

Use the appropriate safety gear when sanding. The dust of some materials may be flammable, please check before use. The surface is abrasive which may cause unwanted surface damage to skin. All children should be under adult supervision when using our sanding blocks.

Not sure which sanding block is right for the job? BJ from Ninesteps industries is here to provide assistance. You can watch our informative video on using sanding blocks on our YouTube channel.