Side Cutters (or 'Nippers') are essential hobby cutters for many hobbies. A much smaller and sharper derivative of the side cutters used in the electronics industry, our nippers are prefect for removing plastic parts from their runners, or any other light duty, precision cutting job you may have.
Essential Side Cutter

Choose the Essential when you want a no-fuss cutter that gets the job done. Great for beginners and those not needing super-fine cuts. Features a double-sided blade.

Classic Side Cutter

Arguably the best performance-per-dollar cutters in our range, the Classic strikes a good balance between heavy-lifting and accuracy. Features a double-sided blade.

Premium side cutter

Our Premium model features the sharpest and thinnest blade in the range, allowing for knife-like cuts to be made in confined areas. Features a single-sided blade.

Single-sided or Double-sided?

Double Sided

Design includes a blade on one side and another blade on the other

More agile cuts
Less chance of blade damage through maladjustment

Double the stress / defamation of the plastic compared to single-sided

Single Sided

Design includes a blade on one side and an 'anvil' on the other.

Less stresses / deformation of the plastic
More stable / precise cut

Blade more easily damaged if not properly adjusted


Explore the differences between our Classic and Premium Side Cutters in this video.