At Ninesteps, we admire the teeny, tiny complexities of scale model building. We have great appreciation for all the fantastic hobbyists who have incredible patience and great attention to detail.

We know that sometimes you don’t have the motivation to go back to the workbench, which is why we have provided a list of fun and inspiring online model builders and noteworthy hobbyists.

Ultimately, It’s important to be inspired and invested in learning new tips and tricks from those who love the same things you do.


  1. Meet Jay, aka Mobile Suit Gutsy
  2. Meet Jun, from Jun’s Mini Garage
  3. Meet Peanut and Smiley, The Gunpla Sisters
  4. Meet Angelo, from Angelo’s Workbench
  5. Meet François, aka Scaleton
  6. Summary

Meet Jay, aka Mobile Suit Gutsy

Jay's TikTok

Our first recommendation is for the Gundam building community. Jay is a lover of all things gundam and is a valued member of the Ninesteps Family. If you are a fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and are looking for some friendly advice or a laugh or two, @MobileSuitGutsy is someone you need to follow!

Jay also has a lot to say about our selection of Nippers! You can see what he thinks on his TikTok page.

Meet Jun, from Jun’s Mini Garage

Jun’s YouTube

If you are part of the diecast and scale modeling community and have been living under a rock, you need to check out @Juns_mini_garage! Jun is one of our fantastic brand partners and is a valuable member of the Nine Steps Team. With over 240k subscribers on YouTube and years of valuable modeling experience behind him, Jun is definitely someone you need to follow. You can watch Jun use Ninesteps Industries tools during his most recent build of a Toyota AE86 Coupe on his YouTube channel.

Meet Peanut (the painter) and Smiley (the builder), our favourite gundam sisters.

Gunpla Sisters's Instagram

Next we have Peanut and Smiley, two incredibly skilled additions to the Twitch Gundam community. The Ninesteps Team is super grateful to have the Gunpla Sisters in our support network! We love watching them spend hours building and painting their plastic Gundam kits on Twitch. They have also got a great sense of humor and a couple of adorable kitty cats! Please check out the @GunplaSisters, we are massive fans of their work!

Meet Angelo, from Angelo’s Workbench.

Angelo's YouTube

Angelo is a passionate automotive scale builder and has been a digital creator for many years and offers helpful how-to’s in his YouTube videos. He uses his knowledge of model building to teach other hobbyists a range of valuable tips and tricks on his Youtube channel. Recently published a series where he used Ninesteps tools to build an AMT Corvette ZR1.

He gives amazing feedback on our nippers, tweezers and airbrushes, so if you need some realistic advice on what Ninesteps can offer you, please visit his channel.

Meet François, from Scaleton_

Francois's Instagram

François is a scale modeler from good ol' Texas who enjoys bringing his work to life through storytelling and realistic techniques. François is a self-taught artist who primarily focuses on the industrial environments we often encounter in everyday life. His dioramas and car models are recreated in 1:24 scale.

At Ninesteps, we are super lucky to have François as part of our growing hobbyist family and admire his innovative and outside of the box approach to scale modeling. You can find him on social media @Scaleton_.

We are super happy to share our tools and gain wisdom from


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