Hobbies are wonderful things; they add that little extra spark and satisfaction to our lives that we just cannot find in any other activity that we do in the twenty-four-hour period of our day-to-day lives. Each hobby has a unique story and history for each person who enjoys it. Whether it was taught to them by their favorite elderly neighbor or something they took up to make random knick-knacks for their pet, each person has a story to tell when it comes to their hobby. If you happen to have one as well, there will not be anything more lovely than to tell that tale to others and encourage them to make and seek their own. Here’s how you can share your hobby with others. Enjoy!


  1. How To Share Your Hobby With Others
  2. In Conclusion

How To Share Your Hobby With Others

There is nothing quite like a bond of shared hobbies and mutual interest, it adds another depth to a relationship that is irreplaceable, something that has the potential to follow a person throughout their lives even if the person that told them about it is not necessarily in their life anymore. Hobbies are a significant part of life that gives us a lot of valuable memories that we can look back on with friends, family, lovers and the other special people in our lives.

Sharing something that you deeply enjoy and do on a regular basis is a simple but deeply meaningful act that can help build relationships and strengthen bonds. It can also introduce something life-changing to a person and can potentially play a significant role in their life. Hobbies tell a lot more about a person than what they typically let on, and it is not an exaggeration to say that sharing it is similar to giving away a piece of your person to someone and we think that is a wonderful thing. So, how do you share your hobby with others? Let us find out!

・Share it through the internet

There is no better place to share a hobby or a niche than the internet. There are dedicated websites and social media platforms where you can share your passion to millions of people with just a click of a button. Running a dedicated blog or a social media page for your hobbies can reach a larger audience in a short span of time. If you are really passionate about your craft and you feel like the world deserves to feel the same way that you do this is one of the best ways to do it.

Running these platforms will not cost you a cent, and as for manpower a little bit of time and effort will go a long way. If your page gained a lot more traction than you expected, you might even get a small compensation from documenting something that you love.

・Find your people

Finding like-minded people that share your interests will definitely make it easier for you to talk about your hobbies. You can find groups or communities that conduct activities that are similar to your hobbies to participate in. Once you find your people you can slowly get to know them better through sharing your passion and discovering theirs! You can join facebook groups, subreddits or even visit the community center to see what kind of activities that they do and see if it lines up with yours.

Sharing your hobby is not limited to just encouraging others who have never tried it before to try it, it can also be done in the form of showing parts of it that might be unknown to people already within the hobby and giving them something new in an activity that they are familiar with.

・Always be open

It is not always you that has to start the conversation, sharing can also come in the form of giving the knowledge away for someone who asks for it. Sometimes we will have surprising and unexpected encounters with others that want to reach us. You might just be walking down the street and someone might ask you about the cute keychain that you made yourself or the bag you hand-painted when inspiration struck, you can answer their questions or even give them a small portion of your day. That small bit of kindness and openness can go a long way.

At Ninesteps Industries we are always open to your inquiries’ and responses. We will be more than happy to answer the questions that might be tickling your brain. You are more than welcome to check us and our products out if you have the time!

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, connecting and communicating with others is a simple but fulfilling activity that we do every single day of our lives. A hobby is a very personal activity that most of us do by ourselves and enjoy in our own little way in our respective comfort zones. Getting to communicate that hobby and form a connection with others through something that you genuinely enjoy is a priceless experience.

Through sharing in conversations, anonymously on social media, or through chance encounters that come at you unexpectedly, you can make sure that the thing you enjoy can live on and be shared with another person and that someone else out there is feeling the same type of joy that you do in something that the both of you love.

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