In the modeling world, some hobbies are not geared to be relaxing and calming; some hobbies get your heart beat as fast as a running horse, and one of these hobbies happens to be RC racing. There are a variety of different models that you can race, from 4-wheel RCs to boats, airplanes, and motorcycles – whichever one you choose is entirely up to you. Join us as we explore the thrills of radio control racing and tell you all about the essentials of RC racing while on a budget. Let us dive in!


  1. The Exhilarating Thrills of Radio Control Racing
  2. Radio Control Thrills Essentials
  3. In Conclusion

The Exhilarating Thrills of Radio Control Racing

Radio control racing is one of those hobbies that are for all ages; whether you are old, young, or simply young at heart, there is something for everybody in this hobby. From building your own RC, to modifying it, you can place a lot of time, effort and love put into these tiny machines.

Racing on the track gives rise to many different feelings. There are some who race to win and others who race for fun, but no matter which one of the two you are, it is undeniable that there is a certain kind of thrill that you can only get from RC racing. The unexplainable exhilaration of seeing something you put effort into produce really cool results that not only excite you, but excite others as well.

Over the years, RC racing has evolved into a thing of beauty, speed, and power. The number of companies dedicated to turning the hobby into something truly special is incredible. There are breakthroughs and improvements to the hobby that come out almost every single year, giving us a lot to look forward to.

But before looking too far into the future, let us first focus on what we have in front of us: our current RCs. In order to win or have fun, a little more maintenance and a little bit of tinkering are needed, and to do that, you need tools. But do not worry, we got your back. Here is a list of radio control essentials that every RC enthusiast should have.

The Radio Control Essentials (Common Tools Edition)

To keep your RC car in tip-top shape, maintenance is necessary! Or, if you happen to get your hands on the latest mods and want to take them to the next level, there are tools that you need to have and use in order to do so.

If you are on a budget, starting out small and simple is the best way to go. Using common tools as a foundation, you do not need to start out from scratch, and even if you decide RC racing isn't for you, you will still be able to use the tools that you purchased. Here are the radio control essentials list (and you probably already have them in your kit!) budget edition:

Hex driver

Out of every tool on this list, this is the one that you would encounter most often. The nuts and bolts for RC cars, the most common radio control vehicle produced on the market, are often specialized and made smaller. The small nuts and bolts are typically made for hex drivers, perhaps to avoid ruining the look of the RC with big, chunky bolts. There are a variety of hex driver sizes available on the market; however, the most common ones are 1.5 millimeters, 2 millimeters, 2.5 millimeters, and 3 millimeters.

Phillips Screwdriver

This is another common tool that you probably have in your tool box that you can use on your RC. The most common sizes that you will use on your RC are the #1 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers; it is best to get one with hardened tips as a long-term investment. Aside from using it on an RC, when you buy a quality one, there are plenty of things around the house that you can use it for as well, and that, for us, is a win-win.

Needle-nose pliers

Another common tool that will make an appearance in an RC tool kit is the needle-nose pliers. For tasks that are a little too much to handle with just your hands, a needle-nose plier is your friend. Oftentimes, these are created to be blunt and are less prone to damaging the wires and other components in your RC, and better yet, they can easily be found in most hardware stores—if you know where to look.

Side cutter/nipper

A trusty side cutter/nipper is needed to cut off odd bits and ends on your RC. Whether it be a piece of plastic or sprue gate you need a precise cutter to take care of all the loose ends. The NINESTEPS Industries Side Cutters (or 'Nippers') are essential hobby cutters for many hobbies. A much smaller and sharper derivative of the side cutters used in the electronics industry, our nippers are perfect for removing plastic parts from their runners, or any other light duty, precision cutting job you may have.

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Hobby knife

Decals are a big part of designing an RC, and for those that want to create exactly what they envision you need something that can help you achieve that. A hobby knife will be an extremely useful tool when it comes to precisely trimming decals and in scoring, so you need one that can help you do the job for you. The NINESTEPS Premium Knife is high quality, affordable and offers the perfect cutting edge for plastics, silicone, cardboard and just about everything else a hobbyist will encounter during their creative endeavor.

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In Conclusion

When you are a beginner, building a kit might feel overwhelming at first; however, it does not have to be that way. You can start out simple by acquiring tools that are commonly used not only in RC racing and maintenance but also in everyday life. Now you are well-equipped in terms of RC and other tasks around your house. Is that not neat?

At Ninesteps Industries, we take pride in creating the best tools for your hobbies. Check out our products, blogs and other cool stuff here. Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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