RC racing is a hobby that has been gaining momentum over the past couple of years. Various companies exist to meet the needs of RC enthusiasts all around the globe. Whether you are interested in racing or collecting RCs, the vast selection of models and merchandise that are on the market is a sight to behold. Along with technological advancements, the world of RC is becoming much wider, catering to its current customers and enticing future ones.

There is a large variety of models, tools, and other RC-related knick-knacks on the market that go to show the influence that it has at present. With that said, while being surrounded by your collection of different RC models, race trophies, and tools lying around in your workshop, have you ever wondered how it all came to be? When did RC history start? Let us find out.


  1. Where It All Started
  2. Where Is It Going?
  3. In Conclusion

Where It All Started

With all that was said in the introduction, where did it actually start? Is there a specific moment in time that led us to where our modern-day RCs are? Well, we have the answer for you right here, so sit back, relax, and enjoy as we tell you where it all started.

• Model Car Racing

The 20th century was the start of many great feats in terms of scale modeling. Prior to the 1960s, which is widely believed to be the birth of radio-controlled cars, scale modeling had already long existed. Slot cars were commonplace, and "model cars" that ran on tether tracks ran on nitromethane-powered engines. Interest in model car racing was already established, making it a good foundation for the introduction of RC racing later on.

• Radio/Remote Control Technology

Technology for remote-controlled vehicles already existed even before the start of the 20th century; however, it was primarily utilized for military use. Towards the end of the 19th century, in 1898, the first radio-controlled model vehicle was born. Nikola Tesla’s remote-controlled torpedo is considered both the first RC boat and the first RC vehicle.

• The First RC Car

It was not until the mid-1960s that the first RC car became commercially available. In 1966, the 1/12 scale Ferrari 250 LM model, widely regarded as the first remote-controlled car, was introduced on the market. The Ferrari 250 LM model ran on a nitro-powered engine. It was produced by Elettronica Giocattoli, a company based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, that was founded in 1964, only two years before the release of the 250 LM.

From there, it did not take long for other companies to make their own version of an RC car. Over the years, it has evolved along with technological advancements.

• The Golden Years of RC Racing

It is undeniable that the 70s and 80s were the golden years of RC racing. During this time, the hype for RC and RC racing was unmatched, and numerous racing tournaments were established. The 70s and 80s saw a dramatic improvement in RC technology, and with brands like Tamiya entering the game, RC evolved and took on different forms.

During the 1970s, electric cars were introduced, making the hobby even more popular than it ever was before. Towards the end of the 1970s, Tamiya had one last surprise. In 1979, they introduced the first off-road models, changing the world of RC forever.

The 1980s were a time for advancement. High-performance models came out one after the other. Numerous companies are competing to create the ultimate model, much to the delight of RC enthusiasts.

Where Is It Going?

Along with technological advancements, remote-controlled vehicles have become more advanced throughout the years. The optimal chassis design has been adapted and is continuously improved. Powerful motors are being created as you read this blog and will be fitted to the models in the near future.

Though RC is not quite as popular as it was in its golden years, many fanatics have stayed loyal to the hobby throughout the years. Companies catering to enthusiasts still thrive, and a competitive market for RC goods is well established, with customers spanning all over the world.

One thing is for sure: RC is not going away anytime soon. The possibilities that RC customization has presented are now endless; countless products exist to improve RC performance and are still being developed to this day. Specialized tools and technologies are just some of the incredible advances the years have brought us, and there will surely be more in the years to come.

A Worthwhile Hobby

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In Conclusion

RC racing is a hobby that has been around for decades. No matter how old you are, whether you are young or simply young at heart, RC is a likely part of your childhood or something that you have encountered in the past. RC has been a part of a great many people’s lives and have continued being a staple in the hobby industry, creating memories and being shared with others throughout the years.

At Ninesteps Industries, we take pride in creating the best tools for your hobbies. Check out our products, blogs and other cool stuff here. Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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