When working with scale models, nippers are a tool you will often encounter. Whether it be cutting parts off a sprue, reshaping a piece or nipping at the edges and excess, nippers are used extensively in hobby modeling. But have you ever wondered about how they came to be? Are there other kinds of nippers out there? Let us find out!


  1. What Is A Nipper?
  2. NINESTEPS Industries Specialized Nippers/Side Cutters
  3. NINESTEPS Industries: A Hobby Model Company
  4. In Conclusion

What is a Nipper?

Nipper is a general term used for tools that are used to "nip" or "cut" small amounts of material with precision. These tools can either be single or double-edged with a wide variety; some nippers are suited for small, fine cuts and are generally suited for small parts or materials.

In scale modeling, there are specialized nippers created specifically for hobby modeling. NINESTEPS Industries is a hobby modeling company that produces specialized tools, and they have created what they believe to be one of the best value hobby nippers on the market at present. These side cutters, or nippers, are essential tools for many hobbies. They are a much smaller and sharper derivative of the side cutters used in the electronics industry that are perfect for removing plastic parts from their runners or any other light-duty, precision cutting job you may have.

NINESTEPS Industries Specialized Nippers/Side Cutters

NINESTEPS Industries has three specialized nippers in their arsenal. The Essential Side Cutter, the Classic Side Cutter, and the Premium Side Cutter. Later on we are going to be exploring each one, but first let us take a look at the difference between the two kinds of nipper blades NINESTEPS provide.

What is the difference between a single-sided and a double-sided blade?

A double-sided blade has a blade on one side and another blade on the other. It cuts faster with less chance of blade damage through misalignment. But because it is double-sided, it also carries double the stress that can potentially come through when cutting through plastic, which will not be a worry when working with single-sided blades.

A single-sided blade has a blade on one side and an ‘anvil’ or blunt edge on the other. It puts less stress on the plastic, making it unlikely that it would be cut improperly during the process. The single-sided blade also ensures a much more stable and precise cut when compared to a double-sided one. However, the only real disadvantage this blade has is that it is much more easily damaged if not properly adjusted, so be sure to keep that in mind.

NINESTEPS Essential Side Cutter

The brand new Essential Side Cutter by NINESTEPS is the perfect beginner’s nipper. These double-sided nippers are made from high-carbon alloy steel for strength and drop-forged for toughness. The oversized grips make the handles easy to grip, and the blades give a nice, clean cut. It has an excellent balance of durability and cutting edge and is the nipper for you if you want a no-fuss cutter that gets the job done.

Get the NINESTEPS Essential Side Cutter here

NINESTEPS Classic Side Cutter

The NINESTEPS Classic Side Cutter (Nipper) with Slim Jaw is designed specifically for scale modelers and hobbyists alike. These side cutters are perfect for cutting ABS and rigid polystyrene. It is arguably the best performance-per-dollar cutter in the NINESTEPS range that strikes a good balance between heavy lifting and accuracy. With a long, narrow tip for reaching into small parts and between runners and a double-sided blade to ensure clean cuts from any direction, the design of this specialized cutter ensures clean cuts every time.

Get the NINESTEPS Classic Side Cutter here

NINESTEPS Premium Side Cutter

The NINESTEPS Premium Side Cutter with a Super Slim Jaw is a precision hobby side cutter like no other. Much like the Classic Side Cutter, it is designed to cut ABS and rigid polystyrene cleanly and efficiently. It features the sharpest and thinnest blade in the range, allowing for knife-like cuts to be made in confined areas. Its single-blade edge is the perfect precision cutter for beginners to use alongside a double-blade edge.

Get the NINESTEPS Premium Side Cutter here

NINESTEPS Industries: A Hobby Model Company

NINESTEPS Industries is a hobby model company created by passionate hobbyists that carries a love for quality tools and equipment. The NINESTEPS team consists of experts from a variety of different hobbies and interests, from RC car enthusiasts, model builders to rail enthusiasts and makers of all kinds. With more than a decade of experience in the field, the company strives to create innovative products and provide their customers with the best possible hobby tools for their projects.

Whether you are a beginner just getting started or an experienced hobbyist looking for the latest innovations, NINESTEPS Industries has something for everyone. So if you share our passion for hobbies and want reliable tools at reasonable prices, look no further than NINESTEPS Industries!

Check out the NINESTEPS Industries Official Webpage Here

In Conclusion

Nippers are an essential tool in every scale modeler’s toolbox, a good one will last you for years and give you the best results there are. After exploring everything there is to know about nippers and taking a peek at their different kinds, it is apparent that this trusty tool has been alongside us for a long time now. In scale modeling, these nippers play a huge role in making sure that we get our desired outcome from the models that we are building, so trust me when I say that investing in a good one would not be a waste.

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