Healthy minds make a healthy body. The hustle and bustle of our everyday lives does not make the best environment for our minds to be at peace, which is why finding a way to give our minds their much-needed rest is essential to keeping ourselves in tip-top shape. There are many ways to ease our minds, and one of those is having a therapeutic pastime. Making model kits is one such pastime. It is a great hobby that is taken up by many, with a wide array of kits to choose from covering all interests there are on the surface of the Earth. These kits have varying difficulties that are suitable for different skill levels and cater to all ages.


  1. What Are Model Kits?
  2. Model Kit Creation: A Therapeutic Hobby
  3. Model Kit Must-Haves For Beginners
  4. In Conclusion

What Are Model Kits?

Model kits are boxes of surprises containing pieces intended to be assembled that make up a three-dimensional model of a character, vehicle, or maybe even a weapon. These kits give a brand new perspective on a variety of subjects. It can give life to two-dimensional characters by turning them into physical models and even let you hold your dream car from your childhood in the palm of your hands.

These model kits range from simple to advanced, starting with a few dozen pieces and with some more complicated ones having thousands of them. If making puzzles is your thing, making scale models takes the challenge to a whole new level and rewards you with a memento of a lifetime—the model itself. These models can be displayed, with some being sturdy enough to even be played with. Creating one is a labour of love and an experience unlike any other.

Model Kit Creation: A Therapeutic Hobby

There are a lot of activities that can be considered therapeutic to some; knitting, cooking, and baking are some of them, to name a few. But creating model kits is another kind of therapeutic hobby that, as you can say, has its own cult following. There are mainstream brands chucking out popular models and brands that are off-the-beaten-track that create models unlike anyone has seen before. As a hobby, it is a goldmine of surprises.

Scale modelling creation can feel like a problem-solving activity; it can give you a sense of purpose and even be a reason for you to get up in the morning. The joy that building one can provide is well worth the price. It presents a challenge that can stimulate your brain and put it in a calm, positive trance. This "trance" is dubbed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a pioneer of the scientific study of happiness, "flow." Flow is a state wherein a person is completely absorbed in an activity, especially one that involves their creative abilities, and can find genuine satisfaction. (Source)

Having hobbies of any kind reduces your chances of having depression, therefore leading to a better and healthier lifestyle. (Source) Taking up hobbies is recommended by physicians as a non-medical intervention to combat mild to moderate depression and improve mental health.(Source) So what are you waiting for? Take up a hobby now!

Model Kit Must-Haves For Beginners

True happiness will help us become mentally healthy and stable enough to handle what life throws our way. Who knows? Maybe that happiness comes in a simple model kit. If you want to start building one, here are some starter products that we can guarantee will help you start your modelling journey.

The NINESTEPS Basic Model Builder Bundle is a great kit starter for beginners, tailored perfectly for every modelling need. This bundle will be an amazing companion when working on modelling projects. Whether you are looking for quality tools for yourself or you are looking for a gift for someone who is keen on model building, this is a great value option.

Get the NINESTEPS Basic Model Builder Bundle here

In this bundle, you will get the following tools:

NINESTEPS Classic Side Cutter / Nipper (Slim Jaw)

The NINESTEPS Classic Side Cutter is designed specifically for scale modellers and hobbyists alike, with a long, narrow tip for reaching into small parts and between runners, and a double sided blade to ensure clean cuts from any direction.

Get the NINESTEPS Classic Side Cutter here

NINESTEPS XL Flat Tip Stainless Steel Tweezer

The NINESTEPS XL Flat Tip Tweezer is the perfect tool for handling flat parts without fear of losing them to the carpet monster.

Get the NINESTEPS XL Flat Tip Tweezer here

NINESTEPS Sanding Blocks Firm Type

The pack includes the most commonly used sanding grits of 240, 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 1200 on 3 blocks. Each block is clearly marked with the grit you are using. The firm sponge makes them comfortable to use and can be easily cut down in width and thickness to alter the flexibility for sanding curves.

Get the NINESTEPS Sanding Blocks Firm Type here

NINESTEPS Classic Synthetic Flat Paint Brush 0

The NINESTEPS Classic Synthetic Round Brush is your go-to brush for simple touch-ups and paint jobs, perfect for a beginner to work with.

Get the NINESTEPS Classic Synthetic Round Brush here

In Conclusion

Keeping ourselves happy at times could be difficult. Sometimes, a distraction is just what we need to breathe and relax. Hobbies can give us the much-needed break that we deserve, and they can also keep us mentally and emotionally healthy. Model kit building is a great pastime that might not be for everyone, but it can be quite comforting for those that find it interesting. The time and effort that you exert on the model will definitely show through your models, and all of that will stay within the model that you created all throughout its lifetime. So follow your doctor’s orders and make a model kit now!

At NINESTEPS Industries, we offer a wide range of products for beginner and experienced modellers. Find the best one for your needs and preferences here!

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