Being crafty and resourceful is a trait that can get you out of a lot of sticky situations and time crunches. The skill to make do with what you have is definitely something that will be helpful in many ways, however, that is not the case at all times. Sometimes "making do with what you have" has its own limits too, much like most other things in the world. Here is why not just any paint brush will do:


  1. Why Just “Any Paintbrush” Won’t Do
  2. What Makes A Brush A Good One
  3. In Conclusion

Why Just “Any Paintbrush” Won’t Do

Great tools have the potential to become even greater in the right hands, especially when used correctly. Having the proper gear will make a world of difference in the process and the outcome of a project. And when the project that you are taking on is anything like scaled models, you have to have the proper tools and materials. It is not easy to do the delicate bits and pieces justice even with all the proper tools; imagine how much harder it would be without them. If you are taking on a project that involves miniatures, wargame models, and other smaller-scaled models, you need trusty and reliable paint brushes to accompany you on your creative process to make sure that you get your desired outcome.

There are a plethora of choices nowadays, and paint brushes are a dime a dozen. There are cheap paint brush sets that might be tempting to go for if you are minding your budget, but know that they will likely not last as long as you hope they will and will not work the best either. Not just any paintbrush will do, especially now that you have all these choices available to you, and all you have to do is find the one that is right for you.

What Makes A Brush A Good One

A good, quality brush is guaranteed to last you a long time AND serve you well. Pair that with properly using the brush for the right purposes, and you now have a jackpot in your hands that will make your creative process a whole lot easier. For smaller-scaled models like tabletop gaming miniatures, finding a brush that works for you is essential given that you are working with a tiny, uneven canvas that is not exactly very forgiving. Now, with all that said, how do you find the right one? What exactly makes a brush a "good brush"? Let us find out.

The Makings of a Good Brush

・Snap and Spring

A good brush is flexible and is able to hold its shape. The flexibility of the brush is called snap, and to test if a brush has one, all you have to do is bend the bristles of the brush and see if it snaps back into its original shape easily; if it does, then your brush has passed the snap test. The spring, on the other hand, is the brush’s ability to hold its shape when pressed on a surface. A brush with a nice spring is controlled without the bristles going all over the place and messing up your paint.


When working with miniatures, having a brush with a great point is a must. Painting precise lines and getting into small crevices is only possible with a thin, sharp point on your side. A good brush is one that can retain its point even after a couple of uses and is nice and sharp when wet.

The Ideal Brush for Miniatures

For painting miniature models, the ideal brush to use is a round brush; whether it uses synthetic or natural bristles is entirely up to your preferences. The brushes that you will be using often are the size #1 and #2 brushes; these sizes are a must-have. The rest will be entirely up to you and what you feel is comfortable to work with. You can play around with different brushes, see if you like the feel of them, and take note of those until you eventually find the brush for you.

Hobbies! Hobbies! Hobbies!

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In Conclusion

The right tools will help you go above and beyond to get great results and have a comfortable creative process. Remember, there is only so much you can do with something that is not made as well or as sturdy for the purpose that you are using it for. It is definitely easier to make something with a trusty quality tool that goes beyond just doing its job and gives you outstanding results than it is with a cheap tool you mindlessly bought that just does the job for you, so choose wisely and never settle for anything less.

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