NINESTEPS Essential Side Cutter



Introducing the NINESTEPS Essential Side Cutter (Nippers). The Ninesteps Essential Nippers can be used by model builders to cut plastic from their model sprues or trim a variety of cardboard and plastic parts. The oversized grips make the handles easy to grip and the blades give a nice, clean cut.


  • Forged from high carbon steel
  • Designed with large handles so they're very easy grip
  • Double-sided cutting blades
  • Low profile

Simple and effective features that won't break the bank!


A clean and well maintained set of nippers is a happy nipper! Ninesteps Industries recommends periodically lubing the nipper pivot with a light oil to maintain optimal operation. Clean the side cutter with some light oil and a clean rag. Leave a thin film behind to help prevent corrosion.


To avoid blade damage, do not use excessive cutting or clamping force. Over compressing the blades will cause the blades to blunt prematurely and could cause them to break. Such damage is not covered under warranty.