Want some new additions to your model kit? Then look no further because in this blog we will be exploring nine different tools that will definitely help your modelling journey. Take a look at all the different tools that we will be showcasing today and see if any of them are missing in your toolbox. Looking to upgrade your modelling kit? Try out some of our featured products! Check them out.


  1. 9 Tools To Add To Your Toolbox
  2. In Conclusion

9 Tools To Add To Your Toolbox

1. NINESTEPS Essential Side Cutter

First up on our list is the NINESTEPS Essential Side Cutter. This brand new Essential Side Cutter by NINESTEPS is the perfect nipper for beginners. These double-sided nippers are made from high-carbon alloy steel for strength and drop-forged for toughness. The oversized grips make the handles easy to grip, and the blades give a nice, clean cut. If you want a no-fuss cutter that gets the job done, then this is the nipper for you. And the best part? All of these features will not break the bank!

Get the NINESTEPS Essential Side Cutter here

2. NINESTEPS Hobby Knife

The NINESTEPS Premium Hobby Knife is the perfect tool for hobbyists everywhere. This next product is an incredible hobby knife that features a brass collar that lets you have more control when cutting intricate curves and outlines, making it the perfect accessory for hobby modelling. It is ideal for precisely cutting a wide variety of materials, including paper, plastic, decals, and more! With five spare blades included, you can take on any project without worrying. Whether you're a scale modeller, an RC racer, or any other hobby in between, this hobby knife is sure to make your work easier and more enjoyable.

Get the NINESTEPS Premium Hobby Knife here

3. NINESTEPS XL Flat Tip Tweezers

Made from 304 stainless steel and bead-blasted to a non-slip matte finish, the NINESTEPS XL Flat Tip Tweezers are perfect for applying stickers and water slide decals. The flat, shovel-like tip and matte finish provide good ergonomics for hours of use at the bench.

Get the XL Flat Tip Tweezers here

4. NINESTEPS Paint Clips

NINESTEPS Essential Paint Clips

The NINESTEPS Essential Paint Clip is the perfect helping hand for your painting needs and is the best tool for keeping model parts in place while you work on them. These paint clips are small enough to be held in one hand and easily inserted into a styrofoam, cardboard, or NINESTEPS Paint Clip Holding Base. This will help you hold the parts securely in place while preventing paint from getting on your fingers. With paint clips, you can avoid using tape and save time cleaning up by keeping paint off surfaces it should not be on.

Get the NINESTEPS Essential Paint Clip here

NINESTEPS Premium Soft Grip Painting Clip

Keep your paint brushes in place while painting with the NINESTEPS Essential Paint Clip! These helpful clips are perfect for holding most items and will not damage what you’re working on. They have an added rubber-coated tip that makes it easier to grip whatever material might be below—whether it’s a styrofoam or cardboard base (or even another piece of equipment), these handy tools can help keep things tidy during any job, big or small!

Get the NINESTEPS Premium Soft Grip Painting Clip here

5. NINESTEPS Holding Base

The NINESTEPS Holding Base is ideal for modellers who want to paint or airbrush small model parts. This high-quality base is stable and will support the model parts well. It features rows of small and large holes that are meant to hold painting clips upright. Use the base to secure the stakes in place, and you can paint and glue without any worry of residue getting on your hands!

Get the NINESTEPS Holding Base here

6. NINESTEPS Classic Airbrush

Airbrushes are arguably the most powerful tool in a hobbyist’s arsenal. From priming and undercoating, to opening up the full spectrum of all paints and paint types to your finishing repertoire, nothing can match the smooth application of paint like an airbrush! The NINESTEPS Classic Airbrush features a standard 0.3mm nozzle and a needle limit stop. It's the perfect beginners' airbrush or a no-frills airbrush for the casual user.

Get the NINESTEPS Classic Airbrush here

7. NINESTEPS Airbrush Cleaning Pot

The NINESTEPS Airbrush Cleaning Pot with Airbrush Holder is a must-have for your every airbrushing need! This handy tool will make clean-up so much easier. No more mess and headaches; you can now say goodbye to paint squirting everywhere—on your hair, on your work table, and worse yet, in your eyes. The airbrush cleaner is the perfect tool for your airbrush clean-ups. Have a go at it!

Get the NINESTEPS Airbrush Cleaning Pot here

8. NINESTEPS Paint Brushes

NINESTEPS Synthetic Paint Brushes have a superior combination of softness and bristle strength and are designed for long-lasting use. These brushes are well worth the money and offer fantastic value for every penny.

Check out the NINESTEPS Synthetic Paint Brush Collection here

9. NINESTEPS Classic Side Cutter

Designed specifically for scale modellers and hobbyists alike, the NINESTEPS Classic Side Cutter is the perfect tool for cutting ABS and rigid polystyrene. It has a long, narrow tip for reaching into small parts and between runners, and a double-sided blade to ensure clean cuts from any direction. Our design and specifications ensure clean cuts every time.

Get the NINESTEPS Classic Side Cutter here

In Conclusion

These tools from NINESTEPS will truly bring some magic to your toolbox. Whether you are replacing old tools or looking to build a new tool box, NINESTEPS truly does have something for everyone. All of these tools are absolute classics and essentials in every modeller’s toolbox, made with the finest quality materials and innovative designs.

Which one’s your favourite? Let us know!

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