Hobbies are great stress relievers and not only are they fun to do, but they can also give us a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment. These activities can keep us grounded, improve our mood, and give us a healthy outlet for our emotions. Enjoying these activities will be a cinch if you already happen to have one, be it reading, playing sports, or maybe baking a cake or two. However, discovering a hobby as an adult is not as easy as it seems.

Scale modelling is a hobby that lets us connect with our younger selves, explore our creativity, and present an exciting challenge that can add some spice to your free time. Let us see if we can help you discover a new passion. Here are nine steps to a new hobby—scale modelling edition.


  1. Nine Steps To A New Hobby
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Nine Steps To A New Hobby

1. Reflect On Your Past Experiences

Has there been something that you have always wanted to do but was unable to? As an adult who lives independently and is in charge of your own finances, maybe this is the time to touch on those forgotten memories. Have you ever been at a toy store and wished for that one toy you never got to have? Then this is your moment! See if you still want something similar to the ones that your younger self wanted; it is never too late to get what you want, especially now that there is nothing stopping you from buying one.

Collecting is an exciting hobby that will sometimes feel like a treasure hunt, and it is never too late to start one! A collection, no matter how big or small, can contain so many precious memories that can ease you from a hard day's work just by looking. Is collecting for you? Give it a try!

2. Find Something New

If you find yourself unable to get inspiration from your past experiences, be they from your childhood or your adolescent years, then maybe it is time to try something new. Trying something completely different from what you would normally expect from yourself can probably give you a shocking result—a result you might not expect from yourself. Would it be positive or negative? You will never know unless you try; these uncertainties can be a gold mine of new experiences, so if you can, then maybe it is time to try something new.

Here is an idea for you: Try scale modelling! This hobby has different levels and sub-hobbies that can be exciting new ground for you to explore. Whether you are interested in vehicles, movies, or maybe building something from scratch, there is something for everybody in this hobby.

3. Discover your Happy Place

Is there something specific that instantly brightens up your mood just by thinking of it? Maybe we can find your hobby based on that. Is eating ice cream from an ice cream truck after a hard day’s work the most fulfilling part of your day? Then maybe we can find some inspiration from that. You can pull up some recipes online and make ice cream for yourself.

If you want to bring home a piece of those blissful moments you spend on the ice cream truck, you can also try and find a scale model online. Chances are you will be able to; there are countless companies that make specialised vehicle models. If you are ambitious enough, maybe you can create something from scratch yourself!

4. Look Back On Old Hobbies

Was there something you enjoyed doing as a child or teen but lost the love for somewhere along the way? Or maybe you just did not have the time for it before, and since you are reading this article right now, maybe this is the time for you to pick up that hobby once again. This might feel the same as rekindling an old love, but it never hurts to try.

Did you love scale modelling as a child? If you are looking to go back to that hobby again, NINESTEPS Industries has your back. Their products are created especially for hobbyists by hobbyists who share the same passion. The love the company has for their craft might inspire you to go back to modelling, so give their products a try.

5. Take Inspiration From Your Interests

Do you already have established interests? Then we can build on that; if you already have an idea of what you like, exploring it further would not be a waste. This might be your chance to escape the dreadful cycle of boredom and find something to do.

Does your interest lie in scale modelling? Then we have just the products for you; if you happen to have a simple kit at home dedicated to it, then adding some of these quality products to your toolbox will not be a waste. Check out some of their products below:

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6. Look For Inspiration From Your Purchases

There is nothing more honest than a receipt, so it is also a good place to start when looking for a hobby. If you are willing to spend money on it, you likely already enjoy those that are related to your purchase. It might feel a bit shameful at first to take inspiration from something you might consider a guilty pleasure, but it might be a good way to finally find the past of your dreams.

7. Find Something Fun And Productive

Some of us might feel guilty about spending our free time solely on leisure and pleasure, and for those folks, we can look for hobbies that can be both an enjoyable and productive activity. These can be as simple as painting your old living room table that you noticed has been peeling for quite some time now; this can be both therapeutic and give you a sense of fulfilment you might be seeking for the day.

Do you want to paint your old dining table all fancy? Or maybe you want to add a little spice to that one cupboard you felt has always lacked something, then maybe you can try airbrushing. Here is a beginner-friendly product that you can start off with:

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8. Find Something You Are Good At

There is nothing more encouraging than being good at something, so this could also be a good foundation for a hobby. Are you good at arts and crafts? Then exploring all sorts of crafts might be a good way for you to finally find a hobby—one that you are good at.

9. Try And Try Until You Succeed

There is nothing wrong with trying on different hobbies for size. A hobby a day can keep the boredom away, even if it might not be something you would be doing a week from now. What matters is that you have something in front of you, and you can find another hobby for the week or day if this one does not work out.

In Conclusion

Hobbies can be found anywhere! Even in the strangest of places, sometimes getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there would be the best way to find one.

At NINESTEPS, we offer a wide range of products for beginner and experienced modellers alike. Find the best one for your needs and preference here!

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